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IT Security

Penetration testing (tests to overcome protection, penetration testing, pentest) is popular worldwide services in the field of information security. The essence of such work is authorized by an attempt to circumvent the existing set of tools to protect information systems. During testing, the auditor plays the role of attacker motivated to breach network security customers.

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Researches of behind-the-casing space of oil and gas wells with equipment of electric divergent logging

The technology of determination of the current oil saturation was tested while carrying out researches of more than 250 oil and gas wells on fields of the enterprises: "Lukoil - Kogalymneftegaz", JSC Slavneft-Megionnoneftegaz, "TNK- BP" Samotlorneftegaz", "RN-Purneftegaz", "RN-Yuganskneftegaz, "Gazpromneft - Noyabrskneftegaz", "Tomskneft", "THK-HB", "Surgutneftegas", JSC Buguruslanneft, Turgai Petroleum LLP" (Kazakhstan).

The app for gas stations search and instant fuel payment

The mobile app will help you find the closest gas station

Payler company



In the different countries of the world, to Russia including, last 10-15 years biometric technologies have started to develop actively. It take root into the most different areas of human activity, including and a household life of people, and economy of the whole countries. Despite world economic crises biometric confidently develops, as it is in the beginning of the development.

Billingrad is a step forward your clients will appreciate.

Billingrad is a mobile payment system that is available to everyone. Accept payments with the easiest method – money will be charged off your clients’ mobile bill. The system func- tions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Allow your clients to perform successful payments by simply sending SMS to a special number with instant money transfer to your account.


IT Technologies

A beautiful IT product is an effective solution when tailored to the specific needs of your business. A website, software complex or a mobile application - we develop both user interfaces and server-side for Android, iOS and Windows.



Reliable and convenient payment service, uniting the interests of buyers and sellers in payments for goods and services transactions.


Presentation of innovative project

This presentation is an innovative project to implement in industrial production and business practices of technology and equipment for the production of light water (LW) method of rectification of raw water.

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